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Volume I, Issue II, 2008

The Poverty Issue

For more information: – Presents a wealth of information about poverty world-wide.

Links to Charitable Organizations – A large listing of organizations you can be involved with. – Join The One Campus Challenge!

Hans Rosling Poverty Talk – Hans Rosling presents facts and figures on the third world.

Race: Cultural, not Biological

What is Race? – Presents the cultural argument.

Humans have spread globally, evolved locally – Presents the ancestry argument

Volume I, Issue I, 2008

Focus on India

BBC News Country Profile – An overview of India

Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism – Wikipedia articles; as with all Wikipedia articles, MORHA recommends looking at the ‘External Articles” section of the site for further information.

The American Political System

CNN Political Center – News, Opinions, and Analysis

Drudge Report – A conservative news aggregator