Case Study

At every MORHA conference two first-time delegates from each school are asked to participate in the Conference Case Study. It is an integral part of the first year experience at the conference, however, MORHA is always attempting to evaluate and improve the Case Study to maximize the benefit that the member schools receive.

In past years, the case study has asked participants to write an essay addressing a specific situational prompt; the assignment kept students occupied for much of the first night of the conference, and the results of the case study and the ecucational goals of the study were never given.

For the 2009 Conference Case Study the format was changed; on Friday night participants are asked select certain data on alcohol and substance abuse and present it as a creative bulletin board (i.e. a board that a resident advisor might use in a hall). The participants are required to attend a debriefing session on the Saturday of the conference and talk about the process and reasoning behind making their bulletin board.

Below you may download attachments that explain the 2009 Conference Case Study in more detail and also ideas for Anti-Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programming.

MORHA 2009 Conference Case Study