Prospective Member Requirements

Any school in Michigan can become part of MORHA. Most of the current members have structured residential government organizations, but other than that, MORHA member schools are a diverse group of schools in size, academic area, and overall student body. There are several larger schools, such as the University of Michigan and Michigan State, but other members such as Baker of Owosso with smaller on-campus population have just as much say and voice in MORHA discussion over the history of MORHA.

What are the benefits of being part of MORHA?

Both the business meetings (which happen several times a year) and the MORHA Conference (which happens once a year) offers individuals from the member schools of MORHA opportunities to share ideas, visions, and facts about their schools residential organization. Many involved schools take these ideas, whether they are regarding programs or student issue approach methods, back to their university and enrich their own organizations. Also, member schools have the opportunity to view the Michigan Organization Resource Library, which is a database of hundreds of different events schools have done throughout the years. Finally, schools have the opportunity to submit bids for state-wide awards for programs, individuals, or groups as part of MORHA and win some recognition for outstanding performance.

How can I become part of MORHA?

If you fulfill the requirements and are interested in being part of MORHA, you should contact either the Director of MORHA at MORHADirector@GMAIL.COM or the Associate Director of Public Relations at MORHAADPR@GMAIL.COM. There is an affiliation fee based on the size of your school and additional fees to attend the business meeting and conferences, but the total value of the MORHA experience is priceless!