Western Michigan University


Western Michigan University

Quick Facts:
Nearly 5,000 students live in residence halls
91% of first-year students live on campus
25% of all students live on campus
1:3 residence hall students are in a Living Learning Community

Get Connected:
Residence Life: Web Facebook
Residence Housing Association: Facebook Web Twitter
National Residence Hall Honorary (Sally V. Pippen Chapter): Facebook Web  

Residence Halls:
Center Neighborhood
Henry Hall: Facebook
Western Heights (coming Fall 2015)

South Neighborhood
Ernest/Smith Burnhams Hall: Facebook
(Council:Burnhams Leadership Council [BLC])
Draper/Siedschlag Hall 
(Council: D/SCO)
Little Three (French Hall, Davis, and Zimmerman): Facebook
Elmwood Complex/Campus Apartments: Facebook 

Valley Residential Neighborhood
Ackley/Shilling: Facebook (Council: FLASH)
Britton/Hadley: Facebook (Council: BHAM)
Garneau/Harvey: Facebook
(Council: SMACK)
Eicher/LeFevre: Facebook
(Council: FLIP)
Eldrige Fox: Facebook
Harrison/Stinson: Facebook
(Council: HYPE)
Goldsworth Valley/Campus Apartments: Facebook 

West Neighborhood
Western View/Campus Apartments: Facebook