University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Quick Facts:
Their RHA office is located in Couzens Hall.
It’s home to more than 9,500 undergraduate students.
Virtually all first-year students and nearly 40% of undergrads live on campus.
All U-M residence halls include live-in staff (providing both social and academic support), community centers, on-site laundry, easy access to the free and frequent University bus system.

Get Connected:
Residence Halls Association: Facebook Twitter
Housing: Facebook Youtube

Living Learning Communities
Adelia Cheever Program (Helen Newberry)
Residential College (RC) (East Quadrangle)
Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP) (East Quadrangle): Facebook
Gender-Inclusive Living Experience (GILE) (East Quadrangle)
Global Scholars Program (North Quadrangle)
Max Kade German Program (North Quadrangle)
Honors Program (South Quadrangle): Facebook
Couzens’ Active Multi-Ethnic Organization (CAMEO) (Couzens): Facebook
Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) (Stockwell)
Michigan Research Community (MRC) (Mosher-Jordan)
Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE) (Mosher-Jordan)
First-Year Experience (FYE)
(Markley Hall, Northwood III, Bursley Hall, Oxford Houses and Baits Houses)
Health Sciences Scholars Program (HSSP) (Couzens)
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program (LHSP) (Alice Lloyd Hall)
Living Arts (Bursley Hall): Facebook
MOSAIC (Stockwell): Facebook

Northwood I and II
Northwood IV and V: Facebook

Northwood IV and VFacebook