Central Michigan University

CentralMichiganUniversity_logoCentral Michigan University

Quick Facts:
Only MORHA school to host a MORHA, GLACURH, and NACURH conference.
CMU boasts 22 residence halls, and the newest opened in 2006.

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Barnes Hall
Beddow Hall
Calkins Hall: Facebook
Campbell Hall
Carey Hall
Celani and Fabiano Hall: Facebook
Cobb Hall
Emmons Hall
Herrig Hall
Kesseler Hall
Kulhavi Hall: Facebook
Larzelere Hall: Facebook
Merrill Hall
Robinson Hall
Saxe Hall
Sweeney Hall
Thorpe Hall
Trout Hall
Troutman Hall
Wheeler Hall
Woldt Hall

Living Learning Communities
College of Business (Calkins Hall)
College of Education and Human Services (Sweeney Hall)
College of Health Professions (Emmons Hall)
College of Science and Technology  (Woldt Hall)
School of Music (Herrig Hall)
First Year Learning Community (Trout Hall)
Honors Program (Larzelere Hall and Trout Hall)
Leader Advancement Scholars (Barnes Hall)
Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer Scholars (Troutman Hall)
Public Service Residential Community (Barnes Hall)
Transfer Student Community (Kulhavi Hall)