Member Schools

There are multiple universities and colleges across Michigan who are part of MORHA. Any student group who governs and/or provides programs for their residential body is eligible for membership. Throughout the years membership in MORHA has varied depending on the state and structure of the different member schools.

Check out our featured schools from October: Grand Valley State University and Northern Michigan College.

How are Member schools involved?

Family members
As MORHA family members students attend business meetings to learn, meet new people, and exchange ideas from schools around the state.

Michigan Organization Communications Coordinator  (MOCC)
MOCCs are the voting representatives from each school.

MORHA Board Members
These are undergraduate leaders who are elected by their peers to lead the organization. They plan for business meetings and take care of the organization behind the scenes.

 The Schools

Grand Valley State University
MOCC: Kellie Howe
RHA President: Shirlene Armstrong

Western Michigan University
MOCC: Danny Giancaspro
RHA President: Ciara Dockham
Baker College of Owosso
RHA President:
Ferris State University
RHA President: Mahmoud Itani
Eastern Michigan Univeristy
MOCC: Laura Livernois
RHA President: David “Lee” Michaels

Michigan State University
MOCC: Nick Barnes
RHA President: Dontae Freeman

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
MOCC: Joshua Denzler
RHA President: Christianna Pedley
Central Michigan University
MOCC: Billy Trahan

RHA President: Vacant

Saginaw Valley State University
MOCC: Tiffany Johnson
RHA President: Shelby Ward

Northwestern Michigan College
Residence Hall Council President: