MAA, Scholarships, and 4 Year Service Pin

Happy New Year MORHA!
As we get closer to the the conference, I thought I make sure you were all aware of additional ways of recognition such as 4 year service pins, Scholarships, and nominations into the MORHA Alumni Association:

MORHA Alumni Association (MAA)

MAA is an honorary association of past leaders in MORHA.  Member schools can nominate graduating students to be inducted at the MORHA Conference.  The cost for induction is $25.  See Article X of the MORHA Bylaws for additional information and requirements.  The Nomination form can also be found on the Resources page on the website.
4 Year Service Pins
The MORHA 4 Year Service Pins recognizes those within MORHA member schools who have contributed to Residence Life on their campus (RHA, NRHH/MARHH, Resident Assistant) for at least 4 years in college.  Applications are available on the Resources page on the website.

MORHA Scholarships
Each year, MORHA can award up to two scholarships of $150 to student leaders who have contributed to the organization.  One scholarship is designed to help lessen the cost of academic textbooks and the other is to pay the registration cost of a professional conference geared towards higher education. The application for these scholarships can be found on the Resources page of the website.
The scholarship application, MAA nomination form, and 4 year service pin applications are due February 1st by 11:59pm (the same day that award bids are due).  Intents for these awards are not required.