Welcome to the Michigan Organization of Residence Hall Associations

Registration for the MORHA conference is approaching! Check out the MORHA page for more info!
Registration Dates: December 14, 2014- January 24, 2015
Late Registration: January 25- January 31, 2015 (There will be a late fee of $15 per person)
Bid Intents Due: January 23,  2015
Bids Due: February 6, 2015
Legislation Due: February 6, 2015
Delegate Cost: $112.96/person
Single Advisor: $273.74
Double Advisor: $166.42

The PR committee meeting is Friday, Dec. 5 at 6PM. We plan on talking about the mascot, colors, website, and what sort of things we’d like to see in a MORHA brochure to send to prospective schools.

The Special Projects committee will be deciding on a theme for next months programming. If you want more information please contact Melissa Jones (majones3@svsu.edu)

The Diversity Committee needs help coming up with projects to promote diversity and hot topics around college campuses. If you are interested in that or know someone interested contact Jaimmie Koss (jikoss@svsu.edu).

The Philanthropy Committee is currently working on raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan. Their lead project is the Live, Laugh, Love Project. Through this project they are working on increasing suicide awareness and prevention through educational programs that they provide to schools within Kent County. Some of the interactive plans that they provide include topics of stigma, stress and coping skills, depression and suicide prevention, anxiety, deliberate self harm disorder, co-occurring disorders (mental illness and substance abuse), and bullying.
All funds are going to be collected at the MORHA Conference. At the April Business Meeting we will be writing letters to soldiers for Memorial Day and potentially collecting items for Care Packages. For more information please contact Tim Mulligan at mulligt1@ferris.edu

MORHA conference is around the corner. Start your bids now and save the stress of writing them in a crunch. See this MORHA Bids PowerPoint presented at OBM for more information.

MORHA will highlight two schools every month. Please get the footage or pictures you want in the video to the Director by the 3rd of you the following month; If you’re highlighted for November Director Chamarro will need it by December 3rd. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Sign up for your slot here.

October Business Meeting is over. We’ll see you all at MORHA 2014 at Central Michigan University. Check out Bids and Legislation to see what legislation and bids were passed, as well as the minutes. Congratulations to University of Michigan in their approved bid to host April Business Meeting.

This website is currently under construction. While in this transitional period, we apologize if any information is unreachable.